If you've done everything right, your hives are mite free, have a strong queen and a good force of worker bees and they've stored plenty of honey away for the long cold winter.  Unfortunately, even if you've done everything correctly, often times your bees will perish. This usually happens at the end of the winter or even into the early spring.  The reason is that the honey bees will eat their supply of honey from the inside out.  They don't plan very well and often the only honey they have left at the end of the winter is in the farthest frames from the cluster.  

If we can raise the temperature of the hive even a little, our precious honey bees will have a better chance of breaking the cluster and getting to their late season food source.  For that reason, most beekeepers want to insulate their hives.  Unfortunately, the only commercially available systems are plastic bags full of fiberglass or black vinyl wraps that trap condensation inside the hive.  The Plan Bee Winter Hive Wraps have been designed to eliminate that issue.  

Here are a few of the benefits......
  · Strong, durable, water & wind resistant exterior
· Warm, breathable polyester batt insulation
· Will not trap condensation inside the hive
· Secure 2”Velcro closure, Easy to install
· Reusable packaging for summer storage
· Assembled locally in Berks County, PA

All of our Plan Bee Winter Hive Wraps are listed at our Ebay store at https://www.ebay.com/str/planbeefarm.

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