It's all about the bees!

Plan Bee Winter Hive Wraps

Now for Sale!

​The best way to keep your precious honey bees

warm and dry through the cold winter months

· Strong, durable, water & wind resistant exterior
· Warm, breathable polyester batt insulation
· Will not trap condensation inside the hive
· Secure 2” Velcro closure, Easy to install
· Reusable container for summer storage
· Assembled locally in Berks County, PA




Plan Bee Farm is registered with the PA Dept of Agriculture, Beekeeper ID #8000.  The owner, Kevin Coy (Captain), is a member of the Lehigh Valley & Montgomery County Beekeepers Associations.


Bees For Sale!  

Now taking orders for 3 lb packages of Italian Honey bees with naturally mated marked queen.  Extremely reputable supplier, available approximately April 26.  They are $125.00 and must be prepaid.  All queens are marked.  If you're interested, please send a message through the Give us a Buzz link.  Thanks, Capt.