So, you like to brew your own beer, right?  You use those old stainless steel soda kegs, called cornelius kegs?  They're great for storing in your fridge or homemade keg cooler (click the link), but wouldn't it be really cool to be able to take that keg of beer to a party or BBQ?  Enter the KegARoo Keg Carrier.  Custom designed and made from durable materials, it makes your homebrewed masterpiece truly portable.  And, the backpack straps have all been purchased via donation at Goodwill, helping others in need. Click the Link to Buy One!


Everybody needs to get away once in a while and there's nothing like camping to recharge the batteries.  

I wanted a camper for a while, and after I saw my first teardrop, I was hooked.

I wasn't happy with the designs that I found online, so I broke out my drawing program and designed my own.  

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There's just something about free that I really like, especially when it's free energy.  I designed this heat exchanger that takes in zero degree air and puts out up to 180 degree air absolutely free of charge.  And it's made from beer cans, downspouts and other free stuff!

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That's right, we make our own Maple Syrup at Plan Bee Farm!  And yes, it is awesome.  It takes quite a bit of time but it's definitely worth it.    

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