Plan Bee Farm is registered with the PA Dept of Agriculture, Beekeeper ID #8000.  The owner, Kevin Coy (Captain), is a member of the Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Association.

We have Honey Bees For Sale!

It's all about the bees!

So...You want to help the plight of the honey bees?  You've always been interested,

but just can't do it on your own?

Then Plan Bee, our Adopt A Hive Program

may be for you!  Click the Link to learn more!

​​​​Click the Link for more info.

What We're Working On Now:

Captain is a Busy Bee!

With all of the interest generated by Plan Bee Adopt a Hive program, we have at least 30 additional sites being added this spring!  That means building and painting a lot more hive boxes and updating our processing equipment and procedures.  I could really use another beekeeper or two to help with the program this year.   Please "send me a buzz" if you know someone that may be interested.

 Thanks for all the support........Capt.


Welcome to Plan Bee Farm,

where we enjoy as many of nature's

offerings as possible, with a little

hard work and a few  innovations,

just to make things a little easier.  

Follow along as I show you around. 

Thanks, Captain