You want to help the plight of the honeybees?  You've always been interested, but just can't do it on your own?

We're happy to help!

Adopting a Hive is the fastest, natural way to make a positive impact on your local environment.

Still too much?  Need something smaller & easier?  That's fine.  Make a small donation and help save our environment by Adopting a Honey Bee of your own!

Adopt a Bee! 

Plan Bee Farm's Adopt a Hive Program


In Eastern PA - 

We’ll do an inspection on your property, then set up and manage your hive. All you have to do is watch and hear the bees, enjoy the honey, show your friends and feel good!

Out of the Area or no Room at your Place? -

No Problem!  We'll just set up your hive at one of our beeyards!

You get all of the benefits and bragging rights, except hearing the bees in person of course.

That's OK, we'll send you a video of installation and various activities during the year. 
You can also dedicate a hive to someone else as a wedding or birthday gift.


*An immediate environmental impact (your hive can be doing good within days whereas a tree sapling can take five to ten years before it has a similar impact on the environment)
*Great environmental and general interest stories for Facebook, blogs and twitter
*The benefit of a complete, all-in managed service
*The satisfaction of being an early adopter
*High Fives and Kudos in the eyes of your friends, colleagues and community
*Half of the honey per year from each hive you adopt

Find out more by clicking on the link below or make a beeline to your phone

 and call Captain at 610-283-9383 or send him an email at