It is my belief that most people appreciate the importance of honey bee management for the general well being of our planet. 
More specifically, the job they do as pollinators is truly amazing and honey bees would be deeply missed if they were allowed to dwindle or disappear. 
For that reason, I've created Plan Bee.

The purpose of Plan Bee is:
*To promote the expansion of the honey bee population by
 managing bee hives for those who are interested in the
 honey bees but do not necessarily want to become beekeepers.

*To teach and mentor property owners with beekeeping
 knowledge and management techniques.

*To assist property owners in becoming independent beekeepers, if they so desire, who may then help others within the Plan Bee community.

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You want to help the plight of the honeybees?  You've always been interested, but just can't do it on your own?

We're happy to help!

Adopting a Hive is the fastest, natural way to make a positive impact on your local environment.

Still too much?  Need something smaller & easier?  That's fine.  Make a small donation and help save our environment by Adopting a Honey Bee of your own!

Adopt a Bee!