It's Easy........

​Step 1:  Select your bee type.

  • ​Drone - $5.00
  • Worker - $10.00
  • Queen - $20.00

Step 2:  Give your bee a name

Step 3: Enter the adopter details

Step 4:  Click the Submit button to adopt your bee!

Adopt a Bee now – from just $5
Each adopted bee comes with its very own certificate of adoption and a little bit of background as to what it does.

You can even name your bee – then share your bee with

friends via Facebook or Twitter. Certificates are e-mailed to the email address supplied on the form – yours or the

friend or family member to whom you want to adopt a bee for

​ (if you would prefer it to be sent straight to them).

Best of all, each purchase goes towards a real beehive, helping the honeybee population recover and supporting honeybee related initiatives around the US.

To Adopt Your Bee, just
Click This Link, and let the fun bee-gin…